Yves St Laurent Exhibition – Bowes Museum

October 13, 2015

cropped-IMG_1233-e1444662720363.jpgMy style warrior daughter tells me she wishes to be a ‘Fashion Designer’.  Therefore, I decided it would be good to take her to see the YSL Exhibition at Bowes Museum and see if it offered some inspiration….

IMG_1922Yves Saint Laurent empowered women, dressing them in triangular trapeze shapes in the 1950’s, then in the 1960’s clothed women in pin striped trouser suits and blazers.  He turned the parka, trench coat and pea coat into haute couture, all of these items I love and own my own version of.  In the 1970’s he put shoulder-padding back into jackets, and I can remember, and have the evidence of that influence well into the 1980’s!

It was well worth the visit, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was amazing to see the various elements of the outfits, that still influence what we are wearing today.

Lily and her friend enjoyed the exhibition, but not as much as the Red Velvet cake at the cafe afterwards!

However, that evening she utilised her mannequin to create this masterpiece!


 Mrs A


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