Over 40 Mummy at last!!

May 10, 2015

IMG_0703I am so pleased to say that after many years of trying to have a second bambino, we welcomed Oliver James (OJ) to the world on 5th May 2015.  I was fortunate enough to already have one child, the beautiful Lily Isabella who is adored.  However, we desperately wanted to have a sibling for her.  But, life is busy and careers are such that things are pretty much full on all of the time, therefore, we had left it rather late to start trying for our second child.  The journey to getting our precious OJ was heartbreaking at times and I was almost at the age where Lily had told me ‘if I don’t have a brother or sister by the time you are 4* I am giving up!’  (no pressure eh?!).

During the journey there were several early miscarriages,  a missed miscarriage and generally a lot of heart ache.  I am a big believer of what will be will be, and decided against the IVF route as we had already been blessed with one gorgeous poppet.  We did seek advice from a Fertility specialist undertaking various tests to see if there were any underlying issues with myself or Mr A, there weren’t.  However, the number of eggs I had was not massive (not surprising due to my age!) which kind of freaked me a bit, but I can remember coming out of the clinic and saying to Mr A. I don’t believe them, it is definitely going to happen (I just had a feeling, I could visualise it, I could feel it).

I’ll be honest I became obsessed, and it consumes your every thought (which is not good!), each month was a bitter disappointment, I trawled the internet for success stories of over 40 Mum’s having successful pregnancies and bambinos, and after over 4 years of trying I was finally at the point I thought this really might not happen.   This coincided with me being super distracted with a personal project of purchasing and renovating our holiday cottage and reading a number of books on the power of the universe.  It was then I decided to put my trust in the universe to make it happen.  I stopped noting key dates and just went with the flow enjoying the excitement of my holiday cottage and plans of re-designing the interior etc.

Would you believe the very month we exchanged on the cottage, little OJ was conceived?!  I could not believe it, and was a bit of a nervous wreck due to the previous unsuccessful pregnancies.  However, this one felt different, as I was feeling a lot more yuk! so I took this as a positive and just kept believing this was all going to work out okay.  We went for the 12 week scan which was nerve wracking as a previous scan at this stage had revealed a missed miscarriage, but there was our little bambino (whom we named Professor Popple at the time – for some bizarre reason it seemed like a good name to give him!) with a strong beating heart on the monitor – we were so overjoyed I can’t tell you!

I was still cautious and decided I would not tell anyone until we had all test results back and had the 20 week scan to confirm all looked well.  We told our Mum’s but said we did not want to tell anyone else especially Lily, just in case anything went wrong (she was unaware of the other failed pregnancies).  This was quite difficult as I was growing (good thing!) and the 20 week scan was scheduled to take place 29th December, so I had to explain not drinking the run up Christmas! (never been known!!).  Anyway, we had the 20 week scan and everything was perfect, so we told Lily that evening after the scan,  she was so emotional and overjoyed, we were all in tears!

The rest of the pregnancy went well and everything looked fine.  However, near the end of my pregnancy they became a little concerned that our little man was not growing as much as they would expect, so I had to go for more regular scans.  They decided to induce me early (only 11 days early) as a precaution.

Now, let me tell you, the run up to the birth I had been watching ‘one born every minute’ (like, every episode on the internet – as you do!) to prepare myself, so I was prepared for any eventuality.  So I was kind of expecting the induction labour to take a bit of a while, as it does not always go to plan!  I went in adamant I was going to have a natural birth like I did with Lily i.e. only gas and air.  The midwife I saw on the morning I went in (who was lovely) said I should really think about pain relief options as inductions don’t always go to plan and can end up assisted etc., but no, I was adamant I would manage with gas and air… Well after going in 9am on Monday, our little OJ eventually arrived 8.28pm on Tuesday, and whilst I did manage with only gas and air, it was a totally different experience to Lily’s birth which was relatively easy for me, this one was not……  Mr A was amazing, and kept me fed with giant chocolate buttons between contractions!  I can remember telling the midwife, this baby will be here by 8pm, and her saying ‘really? you think so?’  I wasn’t to far off at 8.28pm!  All through the process our gorgeous Lily was texting her Daddy for updates, and was ecstatic to receive that first photo of him (although she wanted to know why he was covered in stuff!)

IMG_0732Anyway, we were beyond ecstatic at his safe delivery, there was a small blip in the fact OJ had to have a course of antibiotics in hospital as he had a raised temperature, which meant we had to have a longer stay in hospital than we had hoped for, but better to be sure our little man was fit and well.

IMG_0758IMG_0102Lily made a gorgeous picture for OJ and I when we were in hospital, which I will keep in his memory box.  I feel truly blessed and the luckiest Mamma Bear in the world to have these two beautiful healthy children (even with an 11 year age gap!).









Mrs A




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